Mind training in the form of podcasts (audio files) is an integral part of many of our programs and coaching that we offer at Lynda Moe Transformations. The particular podcasts we recommend are specifically designed to empower listeners to change the way they think, lead and communicate, the way they live their lives and the way they do business. The podcasts incorporate cutting edge guidance, knowledge and positive therapeutic techniques. They are in mp3 format, allowing them to be downloaded and copied to an iPod or mp3 playing device including Windows Media Player and iTunes.

All of the therapeutic podcasts are in the spoken word and many are combined with music to aid left analytical and right gestalt hemispheric brain integration. The music and the presentation of the wording have been especially designed to break old negative mind sets and life patterns, bringing about positive results for the person. They supplement and support the person to make the on-going changes they wish to focus on and they enhance positioning for success.

Using these podcasts with consistency and with continuity has better results than irregular or intermittent use. That is, the more a person actively participates in the therapeutic podcasts, the more likely they are to achieve positive results within, by empowering themselves to make a change. This provides excellent ‘value for money’ personal development for users.

I have used these podcasts consistently for more than five years now and can vouch that the results achieved are remarkable and on-going. For that reason, I continue to incorporate them as part of my own personal development program.

Some of the results I have experienced to date include:

  • Significant increases in productivity resulting from better time management and  greater focus of effort as well as increased energy levels;
  • Being able to see a wider range of alternatives and differing perspectives in situations. Not only has this been beneficial in the decision making / problem solving process but it also plays out with an extended sense of humor;
  • A far greater ability to manage my emotions in challenging stressful situations which ensures a clearer head and better results in seeking win-win outcomes.
  • Aced a Critical Thinking Appraisal (Watson-Glaser) I was required to take for a Human Resource Consulting contract I was seeking (98th percentile for HR Professionals norm group; Critical Thinking subscales ranged from 88% to 100%). I’ve never done that well before!
  • Often finding myself in the right place at the right time making the right decision;
  • Less downtime due to ill health. I don’t usually have sick days but I did have a predisposition to respiratory infection and when that played out, I could be unwell for up to six weeks. Rarely am I unwell these days and if I feel something brewing, I immediately ‘nip it in the bud’ by using the appropriate podcast and “voila” it disappears;
  • A significant change in eating habits to ones that are far healthier;
  • Far greater consistency in exercising on a regular basis;
  • A very high level of resilience in challenging situations.

I could go on!

As I said, the results have been remarkable. I know this is true for many others using mind training too. It definitely works!

If you could increase your performance or the performance of every one of your employees by 10%, what would that be like? Imagine the possibilities!

Lynda Moe is a Business Strategist,  Process Based Facilitator, Executive & Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker who is passionate about collaboratively creating high performing and resilient individuals, teams and organizations. She helps her clients to solve problems, shift mindsets, enhance their performance, resiliency and agility (change, thinking, communication & leadership) in order for them to unleash their positive potential. Contact her here or email lynda@lyndamoetransformations.com if you would like to request a complementary no-obligation meeting with Lynda to discuss your business, team, coaching or facilitation requirements or for her to speak at your next event.

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