Evernote is a great app!

Evernote is a great app!  It’s a very diverse tool for capturing, managing and finding information easily.

  1. You can capture information in a variety of formats. Add voice notes, image notes, handwritten notes, text notes, web clips, photos, PDFs or audio files and organise them as you like. Eliminate all your “post-its” or small bits of paper with notes on them. Use as a Bookmark Manager: Tag the info, Edit the info, Search the info, Send the info. Great for backing up files too.
  2. You can attach files. As well as writing your notes, you can copy and paste files directly into Evernote. If it’s a PDF, Evernote will display the first page and provide a mini navigation bar to allow you to scroll through the PDF while you’re in the note. If you have the premium version you will be able to search PDFs too.
  3. You can email photos and files. You can email notes directly from Evernote, and have future replies routed directly to your normal email address. You can also email notes directly to Evernote. By adding hashtags in the subject line they will automatically be filed into the right category.
  4. You can view files on all your devices. There are Evernote versions for the Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and even a portable version to go on a thumb drive and all can be instantaneously synced. This means that all your devices can store and retrieve all of your information from your one account making it assessable wherever you are and with whatever hardware you are using. Great for organising your price lists, to do lists, to go lists, client lists or any kind of list you like. It’s also great as a GTD (Getting Things Done) system.
  5. You can categorise.  By using “notebooks” you can store all your notes in self-selected categories. You can also create folders within these notebooks. This allows for greater organisation of your information. On the other hand, you don’t have to organise your notes at all. You can rely totally on tags and the search tool. Use it to capture and categorise business card and client account or product info.
  6. You can save part of or a whole web page. You can select and copy parts of a webpage you are viewing in your internet browser or the whole webpage and save it as a note. Pictures, diagrams and links are maintained; 90-95% of the formatting is also retained. Take a picture on your cell phone, ipad, camera or other device and send or upload it to evernote. Evernote displays them in an easy view style and through its recognition technology is able to recognise text in your images. You can organise and tag your photos, share them with friends, and have them accessible from anywhere. If you need to back up your invoices with a receipt you can photograph and upload it into Evernote. Sending a receipt digitally is just so much easier than mailing it in!
  7. You can work anywhere online and offline. You can use Evernote offline to view, edit or delete your notes or add new notes. Any additions, deletions or changes are synchronised the moment you connect back to the Internet.
  8. You can merge notes. This is great for organising but also for easy printing and emailing.  All you do is select the notes you want to merge and create one note from them.
  9. You can incorporate visuals. Evernote has the built in capability to take webcam photos from your computer or you can incorporate photos filed on your computer. It also has basic drawing functionality allowing you to sketch out ideas or diagrams and save them like a normal note. E.g. If you are a trainer, presenter, writer or student you might add your notes and create  your handouts in Evernote where you can organise them, tag them, edit them, and view them any time you want. You can search easily through your notes to find things. You can take pictures of whiteboards, diagrams, drawings and store them. It’s great when you need to research and collect info on a topic for a presentation or if you want to photograph a visual created in a workshop and send it out to participants afterwards.
  10. You can collaborate with multiple users. Evernote lets you share some or all of your Evernote folders (“notebooks”) with other Evernote users. If you are a Premium subscriber you can also alter notes across other people’s Evernote accounts (if they give you permission to do so). It’s a great tool for collaborating on projects or for capturing ideas from an online brainstorm session.
  11. You can increase functionality with Plugins. Freelance developers are encouraged to create plugins that can be added to Evernote allowing you to further customise Evernote to meet your requirements. Some are free to download; others cost. You can browse Evernote plugins in the Evernote Trunk .
  12. And it’s free! Yes, Evernote is a free application. You can upgrade to a premium subscription giving you greater functionality, capacity, compatibility and utility; however, the free version is also jam packed with functionality.

You can download Evernote by clicking here.

Lynda Moe is a Business Strategist,  Process Based Facilitator, Executive & Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker who is passionate about collaboratively creating high performing and resilient individuals, teams and organizations. She helps her clients to solve problems, shift mindsets, enhance their performance, resiliency and agility (change, thinking, communication & leadership) in order for them to unleash their positive potential. Contact her here or email lynda@lyndamoetransformations.com if you would like to request a complementary no-obligation meeting with Lynda to discuss your business, team, coaching or facilitation requirements or for her to speak at your next event.


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