Are You On Target to Achieve Your Goals?

It’s mid year & a good time to review how you are going in bringing into fruition the goals set at the beginning of the year. Do you need to redirect your energies, put in more effort, work smarter or give yourself a pat on the back? Or do you need to set some new goals… SMARTER GOALS?

If you haven’t set any goals for the year or need to revamp some of your previously set goals make sure they are SMARTER GOALS:

S_ SPECIFIC- Clear expected outcomes that are realistic.

M_MEASURABLE – Clear measures & indicators; evidence of success.

A_ACTION BASED – Action = Results.

R_RELEVANT – Creating value for you +/or your organization.

T_TIME BOUND – Reached in a defined time span.

E_ENGAGING – committed to emotionally; motivating & challenging.

R_RESOURCED – with time, effort, required information, training, money, coaching & support.


* Set a maximum of 3 goals to work on at any one time. This allows better results due to greater FOCUS.

* Stepping stones are important. Succeeding step by step builds confidence.

* Acknowledge your successes even if they are small. Success breeds more success.

* Don’t just wish for it; work for it. Bringing your dreams into reality requires focused effort.

* Persevere. Don’t give up. Many dreams fail to materialize simply because a person gives up too soon.

* Be wise. If you need assistance, seek it. Successful people don’t usually do it all by themselves. When they run into an obstacle they get the help they need to move past that obstacle.

* Celebrate your successes. This is a great way to acknowledge yourself and your results. It will also build your self esteem and confidence.


Lynda Moe is a Business Strategist,  Process Based Facilitator, Executive & Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker who is passionate about collaboratively creating high performing and resilient individuals, teams and organizations. She helps her clients to solve problems, shift mindsets, enhance their performance, resiliency and agility (change, thinking, communication & leadership) in order for them to unleash their positive potential. Contact her here or email if you would like to request a complementary no-obligation meeting with Lynda to discuss your business, team, coaching or facilitation requirements or for her to speak at your next event.


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