10 Tips to Help You Retain Your Job.

There are no guarantees in this economic environment; however, the way you behave at work can make a difference in whether or not you are retained or redeployed during a restructure.  Make sure you are putting your best foot forward!

1. Be Positive. Remember positive thoughts lead to positive action.  Find the golden nugget in every situation and keep your focus on the positive.

2. Take Initiative. Step up to help when a volunteer is required. Be especially keen to volunteer for a project or task where you will have the opportunity to extend yourself and learn new skills.

3.  Be Solution Focused. When confronted with a problem work it through to a potential solution so that you are able to make a recommendation to your boss.  Not only will this demonstrate your ability to think things through but also shows that you aren’t just expecting your boss to solve the problem for you.

4.  Be Efficient. Practice doing routine tasks quickly.  Create templates for the things you do regularly, for example, monthly reports.  This will save you time and energy.  Get organised and stay organised.

5.  Timekeeping Is Important. Demonstrate good time management skills by meeting your deadlines, keeping breaks to allocated times and being to work on time.

6.  Maintain Your Integrity. Only use sick time if you are actually sick.  Minimise personal phone calls, emails and internet browsing to the essentials.  Be honest even when others are not.

7. Eliminate Gossip and Excessive Chit Chat. Do this on your own time rather than your employer’s time.

8. Communicate Wisely. Regularly update your boss and keep them informed regarding your work and projects.  Keep to the point and minimise conversational communication.

9.  Take Care of Your Health. Ensure you have good coping strategies to handle life’s challenges, ongoing change and stress. Increase your resilience physically, emotionally and mentally.

10.  Be Loyal. Talking negatively about your boss, colleagues or the company you work for can get you fired.  This includes written comments on social media sites such as facebook and twitter as well as in your work emails which can be accessed by your boss.


Lynda Moe is a Business Strategist,  Process Based Facilitator, Executive & Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker who is passionate about collaboratively creating high performing and resilient individuals, teams and organizations. She helps her clients to solve problems, shift mindsets, enhance their performance, resiliency and agility (change, thinking, communication & leadership) in order for them to unleash their positive potential. Contact her here or email lynda@lyndamoetransformations.com if you would like to request a complementary no-obligation meeting with Lynda to discuss your business, team, coaching or facilitation requirements or for her to speak at your next event.


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2 Responses to 10 Tips to Help You Retain Your Job.

  1. Bobbi Jo Toy says:

    Excellent blog post Lynda.

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